Our hydraulic hose

  • Gumapower - Europe-wide protected brand name as well as international and Europe-wide protected label number (No. 951598)
  • Produced according to DIN EN 853, DIN EN 854, DIN EN 856, DIN EN 857 standards.
  • All common product approvals
  • Tested with more than two million load changes, far beyond the standards of ISO 6803 (400.000 cycles)
  • Many hoses even tested according to ISO 6802, with one million cycles.

Our production of hose lines

  • In-house operating procedures for professional assembling
  • Experienced, internal trained employees
  • Focus on safety and quality
  • Proven 4 - eyes principle
  • Functional reliability proven by test procedures according to DIN EN ISO 1402 or DIN EN ISO 6803.
  • Intense testings on our own test stands
  • Standard-compliant, permanent labelling

Our specialty

  • Multispiral high pressure hoses DN6 - DN76
  • Waterblast hoses DN6 - DN25 up to max. 1450 bar working pressure
  • Assembled with our patented, super high pressure double interlock safety fittings system "AS-Z" from own production.
  • approved by TÜV and employers' liability insurance association as complete secured against tearing away.


Technical worker with a preassembled suction hose DN 100, ready for inserting in a large hose crimper.

Helpful, individual labelling systems to reduce the risk of confusion during installation.

Daily output quantity:
approximately 7000 hose lines

Annual output quantity:
approximately 1.5 Million hose lines

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