All types of cylinders. Running again as fast as possible.

The restoration service of Gebr. Held Hydraulik is the cost effective alternative to expensive new investments.

Hydraulic cylinders are heavily used. Sooner or later the continuous lifting, lowering, shifting or locking of loads results in signs of wear, endangering the whole work process. Replacement or repair is then the question. The restoration service of Gebr. Held Hydraulik provides a clear answer: it is generally much cheaper than buying a new hydraulic cylinder. Thereby the full functionality of the remanufactured component is ensured, equivalent to a new cylinder. Within a very short time. In this way, downtimes are minimized and costs are reduced.

Always the most efficient solution

The state-of-the-art technology used in the restoration service overcomes any challenge. Even the biggest signs of mwear and tear as well as partial wear can be reworked - no matter, if it is a common or a more "exotic" type of cylinder. The spectrum includes all works - from exchanging the seals of all types to reparation and renewal of individual components.

Cost transparency - safety from the beginning

Prior to each order -on request- a binding quotation is prepared, specifying all the necessary work of a professional and proper restoration of the defective hydraulic cylinder. By this cost transparency,  unpleasant surprises are ruled out from the outset.

A cylinder prepared for restoration
The cylinders get completely disassembled, cleaned and reconditioned to a "as new" .

A damaged cylinder rod. It will be repaired, if possible, or replaced with a new one.

Employee while exchanging a damaged cylinder rod of a 70 tonnes excavator, directly onsite.

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