Assembling of hose lines

Assembling of hose lines for all mediums and equipments from DN 2 to DN 250 for suction and pressure application up to 3000 bar operating pressure by our experienced, internal trained staff members.

Testing of hose lines

Pressure-impulse testing according to EN ISO 6802, EN ISO 6803, EN ISO 8032 and EN ISO 1402. We test your hose lines on our universal test stands according to the standards as stated above and even beyond, upon request.

Hose management

Hydraulic hose lines in machines and facilities represent particular hazards. Therefore the health and savety regulations require the operator to check them prior to commissioning and afterwards at regular intervals. In case of failure and due to aging he has to replace them. With our hose management we help you to avoid production losses, long downtimes of machines, costly repairs and to comply with requirements of safety laws and regulations like former BGR 237, actual version DGUV-113-020.

Hydraulic education and workshops

Workshops on different topics of hydraulics such as:

  • Basic training in Hydraulics
  • Production / Selection of hose lines: safety, efficiency, longevity
  • professional handling of hoses: storage, installation, testing, exchanging
  • Standards and approvals

On site assembly, installation and restoration of hydraulic facilities and machines.

Pressure accumulator service incl. TÜV acceptance

Former BGR 237
Regulations for safe use of hydraulic hose lines

Testing of hose lines on our universal test stand

Internal process instruction for using a test pin

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